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Scam, or folklore? on 2G case verdict: (Hindu editorial) 2G acquittals call into question the political and investigative narratives of the past decade.

Should adultery be a crime?: (Hindu editorial)  The criminalisation of an act that breaches the sanctity of a pure social institution such as marriage, by way of deceit and lies, is facing challenges in the past few decades.

For a wider food basket: While undernutrition remains high in India, over-nutrition too is becoming an emergency.



Arab outreach works, as India votes for negotiated settlement of Jerusalem: Reiterating its traditional policy on the Israel-Palestine dispute, India on Thursday voted for a negotiated settlement of the Jerusalem issue at the UN General Assembly with 127 other member countries.

India-China border talks today: India and China will hold the 20th round of negotiations on the border issues.


Manipur Assembly demands peace agreement disclosure: The Manipur Assembly passed a resolution to demand disclosure of the contents of the framework agreement signed between the Union government and the NSCN(I-M).

Overseas votes: The Representation of the People (Amendment) Bill of 2017, introduced by the government during the winter session of Parliament, proposes to allow non-resident Indians (NRIs) to emerge as a decisive force in the country’s electoral politics on their own terms.



Black money: India-Swiss data sharing from Jan. 1: India signed an agreement with Switzerland on Thursday that would allow automatic sharing of tax-related information from January 1 next year, the CBDT said.

GST, a work in progress: We need to immediately move towards three tax slabs, and eventually two.

Now, private banks face bad loans heat: Private sector banks registered a 40.8% year-on-year increase in gross non-performing assets as of September 30, 2017, according to latest data released by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

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7 PM Editorial: The Financial Resolution and Deposit Insurance Bill (FRDI), 2017

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