Must Read News Articles –December 24


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International relations:

India cautious over Maldives curbs on envoy (The Hindu)

New Delhi appears to be weighing diplomatic options after Male reportedly placed restrictions on the movement of the Indian Ambassador to the Maldives.

Social issues:

Doctors have no business to be inhuman, says IMA (The Hindu)

The Indian Medical Association has issued what can be best described as a “good behaviour advisory” for doctors, which comes at a time when physicians are under the scanner for inconsiderate behaviour and are often subjected to physical violence at the hands of patients.

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Why are farmers distressed across India?  (The Hindu)

The year 2017 was marked by several farmers’ protests nationwide, with a few turning violent. Last month, in New Delhi, 184 farmer groups came together from Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Telangana to take part in a ‘protest walk.’ The protest once again highlighted the plight of farmers and the extent of agrarian distress.

Science and technology:

The lowdown on diphtheria and its resurgence (The Hindu)

Diphtheria is a highly infectious disease, which usually shows up as a sore throat and difficulty in breathing. It spreads through contact or cough and sneeze droplets, and is caused by the bacterium Corynebacterium diphtheriae.

Diagnosing early­stage cervical cancer using articial intelligence (The Hindu)

The AI identifies precancerous tissue, and also the stage of progression in minutes

IACS develops hydrogel to remove  toxic dyes and metal ions (The Hindu)

Scientists from Indian Association for Cultivation of Sciences (IACS), Kolkata, have developed a new gel that can remove toxic organic dyes and metal ions from waste water.

How seasons drive a lizard’s life (The Hindu)

Winter blues and summer lows may be the only ways the weather affects human behaviour, but scientists have found that seasonal climatic changes govern the life cycle of a species of tropical lizard.

Ending unsafe abortions (The Hindu)

In India, access to legal services has lagged which is leading to risky abortions


In Kerala, a devastating cyclone and after (The Hindu)

Kerala is still coming to terms with the trail of destruction left behind by Ockhi, the cyclonic storm which struck the southern tip of the subcontinent and Lakshadweep on the morning of November 30.

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