Must Read News Articles –December 29


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International relations:

How To Act East (Indian Express)

Improve security in Northeast to improve connectivity with South East Asia

Indian Constitution and Polity:

Bill to criminalise triple talaq passed in Lok Sabha (The Hindu)

Amidst protests from a few political parties, including those close to the BJP, the Lok Sabha on Thursday passed by voice vote the Bill that makes instant triple talaq or talaq-e-biddat a criminal offence, with a jail term of up to three years.

Legal excess (Indian Express)

The triple talaq bill is a textbook case of overcriminalisation

The old order changeth not (Indian Express)

Many redundant laws have been repealed. But much of the deadwood waits to be removed, especially in states.

Social issues:

Listen to these four girls (The Hindu Editorial)

The tragic suicide of students in Panapakkam in Tamil Nadu points to the crisis that grips India’s education system

WHO to classify ‘gaming disorder’ as mental health condition (The Hindu)

With more and more youngsters getting hooked on video games, both online and offline, the World Health Organisation (WHO) is set to classify gaming disorder as a mental health condition next year.

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India leads in global milk production (The Hindu)

Union Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh on Thursday said during the past three years, India has outpaced the global milk production with an annual growth rate of 5.53% compared with the 2.09% achieved globally.

Testing times (The Hindu Editorial)

The Central government has been working hard to address India’s twin balance sheet problem, but it hasn’t had much to show in the form of results. The Financial Stability Report released by the Reserve Bank of India, for one, suggests that India is still far away from solving the troubles ailing its banks and large business corporations.

SEBI tightens rating agency, MF norms (The Hindu)

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has tightened the norms for credit rating agencies (CRAs) and mutual funds (MFs) to reduce instances of conflict of interest. It also allowed complete integration of stock and commodity exchanges to enable both asset classes to be available for trading on a single platform.

‘Bitcoin too small in India to be regulated’ (The Hindu)

Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies will see increasing use in India, according to industry players, who say that, right now, the sector is too small to be regulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) or Finance Ministry.


Growing forests (The Hindu Editorial)

A scientific national plan to expand good green cover is absolutely essential

Science and Technololgy:

Interceptor missile successfully tested (The Hindu)

India on Thursday successfully test-fired an Advanced Air Defence (AAD) interceptor missile, capable of destroying enemy ballistic missiles at low altitude, from a test range in Odisha.

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