Must Read News Articles – December 30th, 2018

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Himalayan griffon vultures visit habitat in Telangana

The identification of the scavenger, which has been given a status of Near Threatened species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, was made by Principal Scientist and Programme Head at the Jatayu Conservation Breeding Centre, at Pinjore in Haryana, Vibhu and Globally Threatened Species Officer in the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Chris Bowden.

ISRO readies for a busy 2019

ISRO’s 2019 calendar is dotted with 32 new missions, an ambitious record-making goal for the most number of Indian missions in a year. In contrast, 2018 saw about 14 missions against a goal of 18, including the failed GSAT-6A satellite of April.

Why do farmers need more than loan waivers

Rising costs, drop in income and increasing incidence of indebtedness among small and marginal farmers manifested in a spate of suicides over the years. Experts believe it is the responsibility of the Union government to waive farm loans, but insist that it is only a “stop-gap” arrangement.

The lowdown on the state of the economy

While the oil price surge (and cooling off) was dictated by global geopolitical tremors, the Indian government did try to tweak key policy initiatives in a bid to stir up the domestic growth engines.

On the cosmic ray trail in Tirunelveli

Equatorial Geophysical Research Laboratory has been monitoring the Earth’s near-space environment for over 25 years

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