Must Read News Articles –December 5



Polity and governance

Govt. may oversee mutts and temples – Religious mutts and temples under their control that have so far remained outside the ambit of the Karnataka government could come under its purview if changes being considered to the ‘Muzrai’ Act are any indication.

The one­-election idea is a farce(The Hindu, Editorial) The case for holding simultaneous elections in the diverse, federal Indian polity is weak.

Social issues

Rape of minors to attract death in M.P. – With this, Madhya Pradesh becomes the first State where those convicted of such rapes will face the gallows.

21st century India cannot shun leprosy patients: SC – Twenty­ first century society cannot justify shunning persons affected by leprosy or keeping them hidden in homes and away from the mainstream, the Supreme Court declared in an order on Monday.

Stand up against torture(The Hindu, editorial) – India has undermined its prestige by repeatedly promising — and failing — to ratify the Convention against Torture.

A lifeline, interrupted – Government is prioritising savings over MGNREGA and rights of the poor.



Bail-in doubts(The Hindu, Editorial) – The government needs to re-­examine the proposed financial resolution legislation.  

Centre prepares to redefine ‘employment’ –Panel to bat for ‘pragmatic’ approach to classify formal work

From Plate to Plough: Agri-futures, like China – A robust futures market helps China’s farmers get better prices for their produce. India must begin by allowing prospecting only for non-sensitive commodities.

Disaster Management

After the storm(Indian Express)  – Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Odisha have systems in place to tackle the seasonal cyclones, but Kerala was found wanting. The northeast monsoon, which is often accompanied by cyclonic winds, brings rainfall to Kerala.

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