Must Read News Articles – February 15, 2018


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Art and culture:

Crucible for civilisation(The Hindu Opinion)

In 1863, British geologist and archaeologist Robert Bruce Foote discovered the first Palaeolithic stone tools from India at the Attirampakkam site, close to Madras. Since then, this site has been visited by many investigators, and considerably more knowledge about the civilisation has been obtained.

Society related issues:

Can sanitation reduce stunting?(The Hindu Opinion)

Studying the impact of sanitation on stunting is tricky, and the much-awaited results of two ambitious new trials published this year show why.

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International relations:

Back to the chessboard?(The Hindu Opinion)

Sri Lanka’s local government election held on February 10 has become more than a mid-term poll that usually helps the opposition. Rather, it has led to an immediate political crisis of sorts, threatening the stability of the present government.

The many conflicts in Syria(The Hindu Opinion)

Last year, after the regime forces made advances against the rebels, and the Islamic State was defeated, the Syrian civil war seemed to be winding down.

War of words over pilgrim visas(The Hindu)

A war of words has broken out between India and Pakistan after reports alleged that Islamabad has denied visas to 173 pilgrims who wanted to visit the famous Katasraj temple near Lahore.

Rouhani visit signals balance in ties(The Hindu)

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani will visit India from February 15 to 17, exactly a month after Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Iran’s biggest rival, made a historic visit.

India offers support for reconstruction of Iraq(The Hindu)

India has called for a comprehensive political settlement and reconciliation in Iraq at the International Conference for Reconstruction of Iraq in Kuwait, where major world powers are meeting to chalk out a plan of recovery for the country.

Trump mulls China sanctions, scrapping S. Korea trade deal(The Hindu)

U.S. President Donald Trump threatened retaliatory action against two major Asian trading partners on Tuesday, warning of sanctions against China while vowing to revise or scrap a free trade deal with South Korea.

Don’t disrupt global economy, China warns(The Hindu)

U.S. trade sanctions will hit the world economy, Beijing warned on Wednesday, after President Donald Trump threatened to impose fresh tariffs on imports from China.

Pakistan backed terrorists will continue attacks in India, says U.S. intel chief(The Hindu)

Terror groups supported by Pakistan will continue to carry out attacks inside India, the United States intelligence chief has warned.

Indian Constitution and Polity:

Order to install CCTV cameras in courts is only for security reasons, clarifies Supreme Court(The Hindu)

The Supreme Court on Wednesday clarified that its orders directing the government to install closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras in courts and tribunals is meant solely for security purposes and not to record proceedings, which anyway were open to the public.

Prasar Bharati, Centre on collision course(The Hindu)

The Prasar Bharati Board on Thursday will discuss a proposal of the Information and Broadcasting Ministry to appoint an IAS officer as a board member, giving it a larger say in the working of the autonomous public service broadcaster.

Supreme Court may hear plea to take up two-child norm(The Hindu)

The Supreme Court may hear a plea to direct the Union government to give a “serious thought” to the rise in population and adopt the “two-child” policy norm in family planning.

Internal security:

Mind the perimeter: On J&K terror attacks(The Hindu Editorial)

The number of casualties in the terror attack on the Sunjuwan Army base in Jammu has risen to seven after clearing operations. The garrison of the 36 Brigade of Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry was attacked last Saturday by a small group of heavily armed terrorists that managed to enter the residential quarters of soldiers

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₹11,500 crore fraud rocks state-run PNB(The Hindu)

In what could be one of the biggest frauds in the Indian banking system, state-run lender Punjab National Bank (PNB) reported unauthorised transactions worth ₹11,500 crore in one of its branches in south Mumbai.

The ratings illusion(The Hindu Opinion)

Nations give too much importance to credit rating agencies despite their structural flaws

PNB warns peers about LoU fraud(The Hindu)

Reeling from a ₹11,500-crore fraud, Punjab National Bank reached out to alert other lenders to the perpetrators’ modus operandi, while at the same time apportioning a share of the blame to its competitors’ overseas branches.

India initiates review of anti-dumping duty on Chinese steel wheel imports(The Hindu)

India has initiated a review of the anti-dumping duty on flat base steel wheels from China to take a call on “the need for continued imposition of the duties in force.”

Centre targets industry to save power(The Hindu)

The Centre, through its company Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), is planning to replicate its success in the LED space in the commercial sector by creating a market for low-cost, energy-efficient motors, a senior official said.

DVC to start exporting power to Bangladesh(The Hindu)

Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) would soon begin exporting power to Bangladesh on the basis of a bid it had won, through its power trading partner NTPC Vidyut Vyapar Nigam Ltd., for supplying 300 MW.

Disaster management:

Funds push for project to benefit desert areas(The Hindu)

A new loan agreement for water sector is set to benefit the desert areas in Rajasthan through restructuring of Indira Gandhi Canal and formulation of flood management systems for the Ravi, Beas, Sutlej and Ghaggar rivers.

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