Must Read News Articles – February 17, 2018

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Indian Constitution and Polity:

SC curtails T.N.’s share of Cauvery water(The Hindu)

It only refers to the 2007 tribunal award which had vaguely dealt with the issue by saying that the allocated shares of water would be “proportionately reduced” among Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

‘Cauvery a national asset, no exclusive ownership’(The Hindu)

An inter-State river like Cauvery is a ‘national asset’, and being in a state of flow, no State can claim exclusive ownership of its waters or assert a prescriptive right so as to deprive other States of their equitable share, the Supreme Court held on Friday.

Supply of drinking water is every State’s first priority: SC(The Hindu)

The Supreme Court decision on Friday to allow an additional supply of 14.75 tmc ft. water for Karnataka is a leaf borrowed from the government’s National Water Policy that drinking water requirements of a State should be placed at the highest pedestal.

Water equity(The Hindu Opinion)

By upholding the approach of the Cauvery Water Dispute Tribunal, while slightly modifying its award, the Supreme Court has boosted the prospects of a viable water-sharing arrangement among the riparian States.

‘Show source of income to contest polls’(The Hindu)

In a landmark move in poll reforms, the SC on Friday ruled that politicians, their spouses and associates must declare their sources of income, along with their assets, in order to qualify for contesting elections.

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How did system allow PNB fraud, asks (The Hindu)

The Central Vigilance Commission (CVC), India’s apex body for checking corruption in the government, has summoned senior officials of the Reserve Bank of India and the Finance Ministry, along with the Chief Vigilance Officer of Punjab National Bank (PNB), early next week to assess how the Rs. 11,500 crore fraud reported on Wednesday by the government-owned PNB, slipped past all the in-built checks and balances in the banking system.

Not a prescription for the poor(The Hindu Opinion)

With out-patient costs outside its purview, the National Health Protection Scheme is unlikely to help those it wants to

Case histories((The Hindu Opinion)

The government’s intention to launch the world’s largest health insurance programme, the National Health Protection Scheme, raises an important issue.

PNB fraud, a failure of internal control: RBI(The Hindu)

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) said the failure of internal controls was the main reason for the Rs. 11,500 crore fraud that occurred in Punjab National Bank (PNB).


Brewing higher profits and saving birds on the farm(The Hindu)

Coffee lovers may be discerning about their sweet arabica brews and the bolder robusta ones, but both types help maintain the diversity of wild birds in the Western Ghats. One, a little more than the other.

Solar alliance biggest win since Paris accord, says PM(The Hindu)

The biggest development on tackling climate change since the Paris Accord of 2015 has been the International Solar Alliance, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the inaugural session of the World Sustainable Development Summit. “India and France initiated the International Solar Alliance.

Science and Technology:

Chandrayaan-II to be launched in April(The Hindu)

India’s second moon mission, Chandrayaan-II, which would land a rover on the lunar surface is expected to be launched in April, Minister of State, Atomic Energy and Space Dr. Jitendra Singh said on Friday.

Science should have the last word(The Hindu Opinion)

As India continues to be hidebound with tradition and rituals, the need for ‘scientific temper’ is essential as never before

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