Must Read News Articles – February 18th, 2019


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How the 16th Lok Sabha fared

Though there were no extreme incidents — an MP used pepper spray in the 15th Lok Sabha — MPs often broke the rules. The House was often disrupted by MPs carrying placards, entering the well, and even on occasion, blocking their colleagues from speaking.

The challenge in the Pulwama attack

India cannot achieve its strategic objectives if Kashmiris remain targets of harassment, and minorities are vilified

Delhi dilemma: Centre vs State

Supreme Court’s split decision flags the need to address complexities in Centre-UT ties

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‘Policies biased against rainfed agriculture’

A new rainfed agriculture atlas released this week not only maps the agro biodiversity and socio-economic conditions prevailing in such areas, but also attempts to document the policy biases that are making farming unviable for many in these areas.

States allocation: panel sticks to 2011 census

The 15th Finance Commission will not alter its approach on solely using the 2011 Census for population figures in its calculations for allocations to States, Chairman N.K. Singh said in an interview.

Panel backs old system for oil block bid

Two years after the government shifted to revenue sharing contracts for oil and gas block auctions, a high-level panel has suggested reverting to the earlier system of awarding areas in most basins based on exploration commitment.

Scientists discover massive mountains under Earth’s crust

Scientists have discovered massive mountains in the Earth’s mantle, an advance that may change our understanding of how the planet was formed. Most school children learn that the Earth has three layers: a crust, mantle and core, which is subdivided into an inner and outer core.


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