Must Read News Articles – February 5th, 2019


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A national register of exclusion

There are few parallels anywhere else of the state itself producing statelessness in the manner that it is doing in Assam

An appeasement Budget

The Interim Budget makes clear the class hierarchy in the Modi government’s scheme of populism

Visa crackdown

The arrest of 129 Indians on the charge of wilfully violating immigration laws to stay and work in the United States sends a stark message to youth looking for better prospects abroad: their efforts should begin with due diligence and strictly follow the letter of the law.

America has lost the Afghan war

Once U.S. troops leave, the Taliban is sure to challenge Kabul one way or the other

Wrong on the Rohingya

In Januarys, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) called for a report from India on the deportation of a group of Rohingya refugees to Myanmar in October 2018. India’s repatriation of the refugees contravenes international principles on refugee law as well as domestic constitutional rights.

GS 3

Emission levels rising faster in Indian cities than in China

On an average, an Indian emitted about 20 kg per capita while commuting for work, with the highest (140 kg CO2) in Gurugram district (Haryana) and the lowest (1.8 kg CO2) in Shrawasti district (Uttar Pradesh), says a study that analysed the link between population density and emissions from transport, across India’s districts.

The danger of cash transfers

It might incentivise the state to shirk its constitutional responsibility of providing basic entitlements to all

PM-KISAN: Aadhaar must for second instalment

States have been told to prepare a database of beneficiaries — small and marginal landholder farmer families in all villages — including whether they belong to SC/ST, bank account, mobile and Aadhaar details.

China-Japan frontline sees a ‘cold peace’

From their forward base in Ishigaki, a part of the Okinawa chain of 150 islands, large ships of the Japanese coast guard, all gleaming white, keep a tight round- the-clock vigil on a group of islands, 170 km away.

Centre may relax angel tax norms for start-ups, sets up panel

Agrees to raise exemption threshold to ₹25 crore; networth, I-T returns ceiling to be lowered for investors; start-up’s definition to be amended

‘Obesity-linked cancers on rise in young adults’

he risk of developing obesity-related cancer is increasing in successive generations, along with increasing rates of obesity, according to a new study.

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