Must Read News Articles I 10th December 2019

GS -1

India up one rank in UN development index

According to the Human Development Report released by UNDP India ranks 129 out of 189 countries on the 2019 Hu­man Development Index(HDI) — up one slot from the 130th position last year. Norway occupied the top position in the List.

Among  India’s  neigh­bours, Sri Lanka (71) and Chi­na (85) are higher up the rank scale while Bhutan(134),  Bangladesh  (135), Myanmar (145), Nepal (147), Pakistan (152) and Afghanis­tan (170) were ranked lower on the list.

GS -2

LS passes Citizenship Bill amidst Opposition outcry

The Lok Sabha on Monday passed the  Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) that seeks to give citizenship to refugees from the Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Sikh, and Zoroastrian communi­

ties fleeing religious perse­cution from Pakistan, Ban­gladesh and Afghanistan.

Also, Home Minister Amit Shah told the Lok Sabha that Manipur would be brought under the Inner Line Permit (ILP) system, thus exempting it from the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill.

A growing blot on the criminal justice system

While there is reason to be concerned about delays in rape trials, a Hyderabad­like solution is out of the question

Unequal, unsecular: On Citizenship Amendment Bill

Citizenship law amendment goes against non­discriminatory norms in the Constitution

Bill on extension of SC, ST quota in LS, Assemblies introduced

A Bill seeking to extend by 10 years reservation to the Scheduled Castes and Sche­duled Tribes in the Lok Sab­ha and the Assemblies and remove the provision of nominating two members of

the Anglo­Indian communi­ty to the Lok Sabha was in­troduced in the House on Monday.

The reservation given toSCs, STs and the Anglo­In­dian community for the past

70 years is to end on January25, 2020.

GS -3

Climate treaty at a tipping point

Alternative strategies led by India and China should now move centre stage.

A Data Big Bang

The writers emphasize need to focus on data reforms which may have a huge impact on the economic revival of the nation.

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