Must Read News Articles I 10th February 2020

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Seeking for a more progressive abortion law

The cabinet has recently approved the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (Amendment) Bill, 2020. It seeks to amend the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971. The Bill seeks to extend the termination of pregnancy period from 20 weeks to 24 weeks, making it easier for women to safely and legally terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

The article highlights that the Medical Termination Bill does not do enough to secure women’s choices and interests.

Her Right to choose

The article highlights that amendments to abortion law are welcome. However, for them to be effective, medical facilities need to be expanded and women have to be made aware of their rights.

Victim Justice is two steps forward, one step back

The Supreme Court in Rekha Murarka Vs The State of West Bengal case held that a private pleader engaged by a victim in a criminal trial only has the limited right of assisting the prosecutor and may not make oral arguments or conduct cross-examination of witnesses.

The court in this case, upheld the decision of the Calcutta High Court that dismissed the plea of the petitioner seeking permission for her private pleader to cross-examine witnesses.

The editorial reasons that this judgement can have serious consequences for the victim’s right to participation. It opines that Victims participation in the proceedings needs to be strengthened by providing private counsels with greater say in trial conduct

A nation for the persecuted

The editorial highlights India’s handling of the Rohingyas Issue. It says that India’s dismal treatment of the Rohingya must lead to a movement for an inclusive state, with an acceptable refugee law.

India Bangladesh Rail Link to be ready by 2021

Union Minister Jitendra Singh has said that rail line to connect the northeastern region of India with Bangladesh will be ready by end of 2021.

Rajasthan gets neighbourhood clinics for urban poor

Rajasthan has dveloped its first janta clinic in Jaipur. It is modelled on the lines of the Mohalla Clinics in delhi and aim to cater primarily to the Urban poor and reduce their out of pocket expenditure on healthcare.

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For fold jump in Lithium ion batteries imports since 2016, govt tells LS

India has quadrupled its import of lithium ion batteries and more than tripled its import bill on the product . India is among world’s largest importer of Li-ion batteries. However, India lacks manufacturing capacity. Indian manufacturers source Li-ion batteries from China, Japan and South Korea

Mapping the Indian Genome

The Indian government has cleared an ambitious project to map India’s genetic diversity. The article highlights about what will the project seek to determine, why is the information important and what are the various challenge ahead.

Why its good idea to have police commissioners in the bigger cities

The article favours the UP govt move to introduce police commissioner system in Lucknow and Noida.

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