Must Read News Articles I 11th January 2020

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Poll bonds worth Rs.6,000 crore sold in 2 years

A RTI query has revealed that more than 11,770 EBs worth almost Rs. 6,000 crore has been sold in the past two years.

Sec 144 not a tool to suppress opinion: SC

The SC has ruled that the orders of restriction issued under Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (Cr.PC) could not be used as a tool to suppress legitimate expressions, opinions and grievances in a democracy.

Human Rights are not solely an internal matter

The Indian govt had asserted that dilution of Art 370 in the J&K and Citizenship amendment Act are entirely internal matters and there cannot be any interference in such sovereign decisions. However, the editorial argues that with the evolution of international law in the last 100 years, the concept of unrestricted sovereignty has weakened.

Union Home Ministry notifies CAA provisions

The Home Ministry issued a notification that the provisions of the citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 came into force from Jan 10

SC: review ‘forthwith’ orders curbing basic rights, free movement in J&K

The SC has ordered the govt to review forthwith any existing orders that restrict basic rghts and free movements in J&K

The laws being used to suspend Internet, and what SC laid down

The Supreme Court recent verdict has laid down a framework of how the Internet can be suspended, and what rights and legal recourses a citizen has when it is suspended.

Demographic dividend to demographic wasteland

It is bad enough that our higher education system has routinely been failing our youth. It is bad enough too that their prospects of getting decent, well-paying jobs are becoming more grim. To heap violence and physical and psychological insecurity only adds more hopelessness to their educational years

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RBI chalks out financial inclusion strategy for 2024

RBI has chalked out an ambitious strategy for financial inclusion till 2024. It has come out with a National Strategy for Financial Inclusion (NSFI) for the period 2019-2024. It aims to strengthen the ecosystem for various modes of digital financial services in all Tier II to tier III centres to create the necessary infrastructure to move to wards a less cash society by March 2022

India duty hike on US goods: WTO sets up dispute panel

WTO dispute settlement body has set up a panel to examine the US complaint against India which had increased customs duties on 28 American goods last year.

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