Must Read News Articles I 13th December 2019

GS -1

Should the creamy layer norm be extended to SC/ST’s

The centre has called upon the Supreme court to constitute a seven judge bench to examine whether the creamy Layer concept should be applied to SC/ST’s for promotion in service. The conversation discusses the basis for reservation and myths associated with it

GS – 2

Bangladesh Ministers call off trips

Bangladesh has cancelled the scheduled India visits by it Foreign Minister and Home Minister. No reason has yet been given by Bangladesh. However, it is understood that it is a sign of its displeasure over repeated reference by the Indian political leadership to alleged minority persecution in Bangladesh.

Anglo Indian quota: History, MPs

Parliament has passed Constitution (126th Amendment) Bill. It has done away with the provision for nomination of Anglo Indians to Lok Sabha and Some state Assemblies. The article look at these provisions and MPs nominated under this quota

GS -3

Not many lessons learnt from water planning failures

The editorial argues that in the absence of scientific planning and implementation, measures like Jal Shakti Abhiyaan may not be successful

Food Inflation in Double Digit after six years

Consumer food price inflation has touched 10.01 per cent year-on-year in November, the first time it has crossed single digits since December 2013.

Mind the statistics gap

Growing divergence between consumption expenditure estimates from NSO surveys and GDP data is too big to be pushed under the carpet

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