Must Read News Articles I 13th January 2020

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Tripura HC says social media posting a fundamental right

Tripura HC in a landmark order, has said that posting on social media was tantamount to a fundamental right applicable to all citizens, including government employees. It has ordered the police to refrain from prosecuting a man who was earlier arrested over a social media post.

The warp and weft of religious liberty

A nine judge bench of supreme court will begin hearing arguments on relationship between the right to freedom of religion rights of individuals to dignity and equality. In expounding the scope and extent of freedom of religion, the supreme court faces a difficult question to balance.

Matter of Interpretation: On NCRB’s Crime in India Report 2018

Overall crime rate in India in 2018 increased marginally since 2016

Favouring public order over justice

The SC gave its verdict on the legality of the telecommunications and internet shutdown orders in J&K. The editorial argues that SC order was a statist expression of law.

India’s under – 5 girls face high mortaity

As per the Report – ‘Levels and Trends in Child Mortality’ by United Nations – In 2018 in India, the mortality of girls under 5 years of age exceeded that of boys.

Private Property is a fundamental right, says SC

SC has ruled that – A citizen’s right to own private property is a fundamental right and the state cannot take possession of it without following due procedure and authority of law.

Undermining the Republic

The article highlights that there is deliberate ambiguity regarding citizenship laws and policies, their implementation. These threaten to undermine the basic values of the Indian Constitution.

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Isro’s NavIC to feature in mobiles, aid fight against crime

Isro’s satellite navigation system NavIC is set to find its way into mobile phone systems sold in India.

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