Must Read News Articles I 14th February 2020

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Experts’ meet to discuss restoration of Sun Temple

A two day conference of experts will be held to chalk out a plan to restore and preserve the nearly 800 old Konark Sun Temple.

The Konark Sun temple was built in 13th century. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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Publish criminal history of candidates, SC orders parties

The Supreme Court on Thursday ordered political parties to publish the entire criminal history of their candidates for the Assembly and Lok Sabha elections along with the reasons that goaded them to field suspected criminals over decent people.

The information should be published in a local and national newspaper as well as the parties social media handles.

The judgement is applicable to parties both at central and state level.

The SC has been alarmed at the unimpeded rise of criminals encroaching into the country’s political and electoral realms.

Cloud over trade talks as US officials puts off trip

U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) Robert Lighthizer has put off his trip to India this week, at least two official sources said, amid signs that the India-U.S. trade talk have hit a rough patch just ahead of President Donald Trump. No reason has been given for the change of plans in the USTR’s visit that was expected on Thursday.

USTR takes India off developing country list

The office of United States Trade Representatives (USTR) removed India from its list of developing countries that are exempt from investigations into whether they harm American industry with unfairly subsidised exports. Thus India is no longer exempt from US countervailing duty investigation.

The US removed India from the list on account of it being a G-20 member and having a share of 0.5% or more of world trade.

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Soon a panel to address fiscal policy issues

The 15th FC chairman has said that commission will soon set up a panel to address issues related to fiscal policy for both the centre and state and present a roadmap for the same.

Towards a New World Order

The editorial articulates various complex and intractable problems which the world is facing such as widening social inequalities, excess consumption of energy by developed world which has been accompanied by the disposal of residual products on the shores of developing countries.

The article highlights Nordic Economic Model  which can be used as a template for the new ‘enlightened global order’ The various ingredients of it are – effective welfare safety nets for all, corruption free governance, a fundamental right to tuition free education, including higher education, and a fundamental right to good medical care and high taxes on the rich.

Time running out to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

‘The Future of Earth, 2020’ Report has been released. It has listed five global risks that have the potential to impact and amplify one another in ways that may cascade to create global systemic crisis.  The five global risks listed are – failure of climate change mitigation and adaptation, extreme weather events, biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse, food crisis, water crisis.

To help her work

The article highlights that pulling women into the economy isnot a function of budget alone, but also policy design and political will

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