Must Read News Articles I 17th January 2020

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India to invite Imran Khan for Shanghai Council meet

Ministry of External Affairs has said that Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan will be invited to participate in the Heads of Government council meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. It will be hosted by India later this year.

Imran Khan has not been invited to India after he assumed office as Pakistan Pm in 2018. The move comes hours after UNSC discusses the situation in Kashmir.

34,000 Bru refugees to be settled in Tripura

Ministry of Home Affairs has signed quadripartite pact with the state government of Tripura Mizoram and leaders of Bru Community to permanently settle around 34,000 internally displaced Bru people in Tripura.

Preventing mob lynching

The article highlight rise in incidence of mob lynching over the past few years and says that it had led to a heightened sense of insecurity among the marginalised communities.

Taliban proposes brief Afghanistan ceasefire

Taliban has offered a brief ceasefire to the USA. This move could pave way to a peace deal that would eventually allow the US to withdraw its troops.

Xi starts Myanmar visit today, Beijing hopes to draw new power lines in Bay of Bengal region

Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit Myanmar on Friday. He will be launching multiple projects under the so-called China Myanmar Economic Corridor (CMEC). It will pave way for greater connectivity between China’s south western province of Yunnan and the eastern Indian Ocean.

What is Punjab’s new Right to Business Bill?

The Punjab Cabinet this week gave its approval to a Punjab Right to Business Bill, 2020, a law aimed at ensuring ease of doing business for the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector.

Filtering out free speech

In the land mark judgement – Shreya Singhal Vs Union of India – SC has decided that binding decisions about what content violates the law should come from courts or appropriate government agencies following fair process – not from private players( such as facebook or Google). However, the Draft Intermediary Rules by IT Ministry dramatically move away from this principle

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The perils of RBI’s fixation on Inflation

The editorial raises a question on the RBI’s  focus on inflation targeting as Retail Inflation in December 2019 has surged above 7%. It argues that RBI’s shift of focus from financial stability to inflation targeting could have led to regulatory infirmity.

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