Must Read News Articles I 20th December 2019

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NITI Aayog seeks ideas on population policy

NITI Aayog will hold a national consultation on population stabilisation on Friday to ex­plore ways to strengthen the country’s population policy and  family  planning programmes. The officials will brain­ storm over recommenda­tions like treating popula­tion stabilisation and familyplanning as a national prior­ity and ensuring inter­go­vernmental convergence.

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US house impeaches Donald Trump

The USA president has been impeached by the House of Representative. The house has formally charged him for abuse of power and obstruction of congress. Now the Senate would vote to decide whether or not to convict and remove him from office

Pact to open door for U.S. defence firms

India and USA have signed the Industrial Security Annex (ISA) at the second 2 + 2 dialogue held in Washington. It will open thedoor for U.S. defence compa­nies to partner with the In­dian private sector for sever­al multi­billion dollar deals in the pipeline, including theone for 114 fighter jets.

‘Sri Lanka will develop Mattala airport’

Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksha has said that Sri Lanka’s civil aviation authority will develop the southern airport in Mattala. This airport is strategically located near Hambantota airport. With this announcement, Sri Lanka has ruled out earlier proposals of a joint venture with India.

Meghalaya Assembly adopts resolution on Inner Line Permit

The Meghalaya Assembly on Thursday adopted a resolution for implementing the Inner Line Permit (ILP) regime in the state, which will impose restrictions on the entry and movement of ‘outsiders’ in the hill state.

What the Young say

Implementation of nation-wide NRC will put India in a state of conflict. Government must listen, step back.

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Inaccurate diagnosis, draconian remedy

India’s black money problem was misdiagnosed; unverified, exaggerated numbers went into enactment of harsh laws.

Should the government exit navratna companies?

The article discusses about the implications of the cabinet decision of sale of government stake in BPCL.

Firms for more ease of doing business

In a pre Budget meeting, India Inc has asked the government to take measures to augment ease of doing business to “create more freedom forthe industry to perform.”

RBI to conduct ‘Operation Twist’ to manage yields on Dec. 23

To manage the bond yields, the RBI will simultaneously buy and sale government se­curities worth Rs.10,000 crore each on December 23 under its open market operations.

India’s Great Slowdown

Standard remedies for getting out of the current predicament aren’t working. Out-of-the-box solutions are needed to resolve the balance sheet problems

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