Must Read News Articles I 21st December 2019


Uneasy nation, lines within

The author states that “It is bitterly disappointing to see our resources, attention, and energies being frittered away on far-less urgent but inflammatory issues related to religion, places of worship and even bovine welfare. These may garner votes but we cannot evade the reality that unless India’s national leadership focuses on economic, industrial, scientific and technological progress, the country will remain backward and firmly anchored in the Third World”.

Crime and instant punishment

Public outcry over ghastly crimes is thus welcome if it results in improving the working of the criminal justice system. It must, however, be ensured that public outrage results in guaranteeing fast delivery of justice and in strengthening the rule of law, and not in subverting it. Public outrage can easily descend to mob vigilantism, some signs of which were seen in many furious responses to the Hyderabad incident. Turning a blind eye to incidents of public or police vigilantism is a sure and certain way of sounding the death-knell of a civilized democratic system of governance based on the rule of law.

Unreasonable restrictions

The author emphasizes that the pursuit of public order is towards enabling us all to exercise our freedoms as engaged citizens. Achieving public order by suspending our freedoms — whether as a blanket communication shutdown or as a curfew order — defies logic.

Reading Bangladesh provisions for citizenship and freedom of religion

The writer gives insight into citizenship and the religious provision of the Bangladesh constitution.

Premature Denouncement of Citizenship Act

The author presents the positive side as well as support the newly enacted Citizenship Amendment Act.


Why EU Green Deal matters

The article explains what is new EU Green Deal and why it matters when other climate deals are failing to fructify.

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