Must Read News Articles I 22nd February 2020

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FATF places Iran on Black List

The FATF has placed Iran on its blacklist after it failed to comply with international anti terrorism financing norms. The move will deepen the Iran’s isolation from financial market.

US Taliban to sign agreement on Feb 29

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the Taliban has said that US and Taliban will sign an agreement on Feb 29. The pact will be sealed after a week long period of reduction in violence in Afghanistan.

The United States and the Taliban have been engaged in talks to facilitate a political settlement to end the conflict in Afghanistan and reduce the US presence in the region.

India, Maldives agree to take on terrorism, radicalisation

Union Home Minister Amit Shah met his Maldivian counterpart on Friday and discussed bilateral cooperation in the fields of counter-terrorism and counter-terrorism and counter radicalisation among other things.

The Ministers welcomed the expansion of bilateral co-operation between India and Maldives in diverse fields, including policing and law enforcement, counter isation, organised crime, drug trafficking and capacity building.

Scientists oppose study into qualities of indigenous cows

At least 400 scientists have petitioned the Department of Science and Technology to withdraw a proposal that solicits research into indigenous cows.

The key concern which has been raised is that research programme [SUTRA -PIC] appeared to endorse the belief that indigenous cows had special and unique qualities and that this opened the possibility of money being wasted to investigate imaginary qualities derived from religious scriptures.

Forging a new India – US modus vivendi

The article Highlights that India needs the continued support of USA in its quest to be a power of substance in the International system. India needs USA support to move towards a more organic rule-based order in Indo-Pacific.

Litmus test for a judicial clean-up order

The SC in its recent judgement has directed that all political parties should publish the details of criminal antecedents of their candidate in LokSabha and Assembly polls within 48 hours of selection of their candidates.

The article says that the next Assembly polls will prove whether SC stand on criminal candidates has the desired effects.

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Despite decline in gross NPAs, impaired assets of banks at Rs. 16.88 lakh crore

Total impaired assets of the banking sector have remained at Rs 16,88,600 crore, or 15.7 per cent of the total advances of banks, as of December 2019, despite a decline in gross non-performing assets (NPAs) to Rs 910,800 crore, or 9.2 per cent of the advances, according to the latest report from global banking group Credit Suisse.

Impaired assets of banks include both gross NPAs — loans that are due for repayment after 90 days and NPAs written off by lenders.

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