Must Read News Articles I 23rd January 2020

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Myanmar’s growing dependence on China

Chinese President Xi Xinping visited Myanmar and have signed 33 agreements. There has been proposal for China – Myanmar Economic Corridor. The article argues that closeness of China – Myanmar relationship is one of the setbacks and challenges to India’s diplomacy in South Asia

U.S. President warns of trade war with EU nations

US President Donald Trump has threatened EU with daunting auto tariffs if Europeans failed to agree a long delayed trade deal.

SC refuses to hear the citizenship amendment act without hearing the govt.

The SC has refused to stay the Citizenhip Amendment Act (CAA) without hearing the government. CJI has indicated that the issue may be eventually referred to Constitution bench.

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Think climate change action, act glocal

Global Climate summit, the annual Conference of Parties (COP25) was held in Madrid in Dec 2019. Not much was achieved in the summit. There continues to be stalemate at global levels on questions regarding – financing, ambition, transparency of support ane pre 2020 action. This situation offers India an opportunity to focus earnestly on developing its climate change action at state and sub state levels.

The flawed spin to India’s cotton story

The article highlights that the India’s hybrid seed model for cotton favours seed companies over farmers.

Meet Vyom Mitra, first Indian ‘woman’ to ride to space

ISRO has developed a half humanoid – Vyom Mitra – which will ride to space in the first test flight of the human space mission. Two trial flights without crew will take place with the humanoid.

Agriculture reforms: a mantra for equitable growth

The article hoighlights several things that the government can do to improve ease of doing business for kisan and industry. Dealing with fragmented land holdings, encouraging food processing, taking lab to land, restructuring fertiler subsidy are few areas where govt can take steps to be a farmer centric positive facilitator.

Where demand has gone

The article says that to deal with current economic slowdown, the govt should opt for fiscal expansion to boost demand, without worrying about deficit

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