Must Read News Articles I 24th December 2019

GS -2

Safeguarding the constitutional morality

The article argues that the post-poll developments in Maharashtra and the hastily passed CAA have been in conflict with constitutional values

A hard Brexit?

The article breaks down the key features of the revised Withdrawal agreement bill.

A decision without forethought

The article states that the citizenship amendment Act of 2019 has had huge consequences on both the domestic and foreign policy front. On the domestic front, there has been widespread protest. On the international front, two Bangladesh Ministers canceled their visit to India and the Japanese Prime Minister postponed his visit to India.

While the court fiddles

The article emphasize upon the abdication of duty by the judiciary in refusing to take up the CAA case.

When politics hurt diplomacy

Delhi needs to remove growing negative perceptions of its domestic policies in the Muslim world

GS -3

RBI purchases 10000 crore Rs G-Sec, sells 6,825 crore securities via OMOs

In the OMO purchase of 6.45 percent GS 2029, which is a benchmark security, the RBI received Rs 20,826 crore worth of bids from the participants but accepted Rs 10,000 crore of bids.

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