Must Read News Articles I 24th January 2020

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India slips two places on corruption Perception index

Transparency International has released Corruption perceptions Index 2019. The list has been topped by Denmark. India’s position is 80 (in 2018 it was 78). The slide in India’s position in the Index is due to unfair and opaque political financing in the country.

Rajasthan govt to introduce resolution against CAA

Rajasthan Deputy Chief Minister has said that state government would introduce a resolution against the implementation of CAA in the state legislative assembly. The Kerala and Punjab Assemblies have passed similar resolutions to build pressure on Union government over Citizenship Amendment Act. West Bengal also plan to introduce a similar resolution on Jan 27.

India again rejects Trump offer on Kashmir

India has rejected US President Donald Trump Comments offering to mediate between India and Pakistan on Kashmir Issue. India has ruled out any role for a third party in Kashmir issue.

ICJ orders Myanmar to protect Rohingya

International Court of Justice (ICJ) has ordered Myanmar to take urgent measures to protect its Rohingya population from genocide. In a unanimous ruling, the court said the Rohingya community face an ongoing threat and Myanmar must act to protect them.

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Will the Budget suspend the FRBM fiscal deficit goals?

The article disusses how the Union Budget may approach the fiscal balancing act in the face of a need for a stimulus and the government’s stated commitment to adhere to the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act.

Budgeting for jobs, skilling and economic revival

The article argues that the upcoming Budget needs to provide direction to India’s tottering economy and a boost to aggregate demand and investment.

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