Must Read News Articles I 26th February 2020

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Rights, duties and Constitution

The article discusses about the relationship between rights and duties as mentioned in Constitution. It says that It is only after a guarantee of the sum of all promised by the Constitution that citizens can be asked to do their duty.

More psychological than an empowering voter option

The article highlights that the meagre shares of NOTA votes, and argues that NOTA in current form are pointers to it being a toothless option.

Two rising powers in two different eras

The article talks about the rise of China as global superpower and mentions that it could change the International system drastically. It draws a parallel between rise of China in the present times, to the rise of Imperial Germany in the late 19th century and rise of Soviet Union in the 20th century.

It then goes on to say that there are fundamental differenc­es between the rivalries of the 19th and 20th centuries and those of to­day.

India USA to upgrade ties, call on Pak to curb terror 

India and the U.S. have resolved to upgrade their bilateral relationship to a Comprehensive Global Strategic Partnership that will include issues such as defence, security coopera­tion and revitalisation of the Indo­Pacific  quadrilateral dialogue.

Widening USA China rift fuels Trump Modi outreach

A tectonic shift in America’s relations with China under Donald Trump’s presidency is providing a new impetus to defence, se­curity, trade and technologi­cal cooperation between New Delhi and Washington in the region.

GS -3

Counting Birds together

The article talks about the State of India’ Bird Report 2020. It says that the Report has two distinctive feature 1) The information it builds upon comes from citizens 2) report’s data and analysis are in the public domain, invit­ing critique and further refinement.

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