Must Read News Articles I 27th January 2020

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Relics of dynasty, decoded

Recent excavations at Nagardhan near Nagpur, have brought new clarity on the life, religious affiliations and trade practices of the Vakataka dynasty, which ruled parts of Central and South India centuries ago. The article highlights the significant finding of the excavations at Nagardhan.

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Fund Crunch hits MGNREGA Scheme

The centre is on the verge of running out of funds for the crucial MGNREGA scheme. More than 96% of the allocated money [i.e Rs. 60,000 crore] has already been spent or is needed to pay pending dues. Centre is left with only Rs. 25,000 crore to sustain the scheme for the next two months.

Amid the present economic slowdown, a number of economists have recommended that putting money into the hands of rural consumers via MGNREGA is to kick start the economy.

EU parliament set to vote on Kashmir, CAA

The European Union Parliament is set to debate and vote on a scathing resolution against Kashmir Issue and the India’s enforcement of new citizenship laws that have been widely criticised for discriminating against Muslims.

India has maintained that CAA is entirely internal matter to India. Similarly India has maintained  that Kashmir is an internal issue and any discussions with Pakistan will only be bilateral.

The four phases of constitutional interpretation

The article highlights about how the Constitution has been interpreted by the courts over the last seven decades. It argues that the judiciary is beginning to interpret the constitution in line with its revolutionary and transformative potential.

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India showcases A-SAT missilie prowess

During the 71st republic day parade, India rolled out Anti-Satellite Missille capability(A-SAT) [Mission-Shakti], to the world. A-SAT weapons play a critical role in providing the necessary strategic deterrence.

India also rolled out Chinook heavy lift helicopters and Apache attack helicopters.

Palestinians threaten to quit Oslo Accords

Palestinian officials threatened on Sunday to withdraw from key provisions of the Oslo Accords, which define relations with Israel, if U.S. President Donald Trump announces his west asia peace plan next week.

The Israeli- Palestinian Interim Agreement, signed in Washington in 1995, sought to put into practice the first Oslo peace deal agreed two years earlier. The agreement set out the scope of Palestinian autonomy in the West Bank and Gaza. The agreement setout the scope of Palestinian autonomy in the West Bank and gaza.

New Resolution Authority in Works: to curb failure of large financial institutions

The Finance Ministry is working on setting up of Resolution Authority, to provide comprehensive resolution framework for financial institutions that have precarious financial position. It will ensure that failure of some of the systemically important financial institutions does not affect the entire system.

The ambit of the Resolution Authority is likely to be over banks, NBFCs, insurance companies, securities market players, co-operative banks and regional rural banks.

Restoring trust The article highlights that the government should fix calendar for data releases, restore autonomy and powers of NSC

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