Must Read News Articles I 28th February 2020

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Aadhaar, no standout performer in welfare delivery

A team of professors has published a new working paper in the National Bureau of Economic research. It provides a detail findings from an extensive empirical study of the impact of Aadhaar in reducing leakages and accruing fiscal savings. The professors conducted a scientifically designed study of the PDS system in Jharkhand covering 15 million beneficiaries using the technique of randomised control trials.

The study finds out that Aadhaar by itself has no impact in reducing leakages significantly. The study has concluded that Aadhaar based biometric authentication had no measurable benefit. The study found that Aadhaar based biometric authentication did not reduce leakages due to elimination of ghosts and duplicates, as widely perceived. They found out that Aadhaar based biometric authentication increased transaction costs for beneficiaries

‘It is still possible for India, Pakistan to resolve issues’

In this interview, former Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe discusses on the bilateral relationship with India and domestic political issues.

BJP cornered 78% of donations to parties

As per ADR report, the recognised national parties have declared a total of Rs. 951.66 crore in donations (above Rs. 20,000) in 2018-19. Out of total donation – 78% was cornered by the BJP. 

India gets invite for US – Taliban deal event 

India has been invited to witness the ceremony to seal the peace deal between the U.S. and Taliban in Qata­ri capital Doha on Saturday. Nearly 24 nations are expected to attend the event.

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A browning east

The editorial highlights that eastern ghats provide important functions and it needs to be preserved and protected from the impact of climate change. The eastern ghats provide two important functions – fostering biodiversity and storing energy in trees.

New study indicate that Eastern Ghats faces serious threat from climate change, and temperature variations.

Protecting the eastern ghats is an ecological imperative.

What should India’s joint command structure look like

The Government has appointed India’s first Chief of Defence Staff. It has also taken a decision in principle to form theatre commands along with DMA machinery.

The article discusses about the massive restructuring of the military command structure has dismantled the old civil­military re­lationship, with far greater powers in decision ­making now being bes­towed on the armed forces.

COVID – 19 scare hits poultry business

The scare of COVID­19 and spread of rumours on social media linking chicken to the deadly virus has taken a huge toll on the unsuspect­ing poultry industry and farmers. Many people across the country, apparently scared of the rumours doing the rounds on social media about the virus that emanat­ed in China and fast spread­ing to other parts of the world, ticked off eggs and chicken from the menu at most houses.

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