Must Read News Articles I 29th February 2020

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Regional Bonding

The article mentions that India needs to engage with its neighbours for the realisation of its global ambitions

SC to hear Sabarimala case before contempt pleas on police reforms

The Supreme Court on Fri­day made it clear that it would hear Sabarimala peti­tions on the extent of reli­gious freedom available to ci­tizens across multiple faiths before applying its mind to whether the authorities should be hauled up for con­tempt for not complying with its 13­ year­old judgment that police should not be­come a tool in the hands of authoritarian regimes and political bosses.

India to attend US – Taliban peace ceremony

India has accepted an invita­tion to witness the signing of the U.S.­Taliban peace deal in Doha.


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Growth slows to 4.7% in Q3, bottomed out says centre

As per the data released by the National Statistical Office (NSO) India’s GDP growth has decelerated to nearly seven-year low of 4.7% in the Oct-Dec 2019 period. This is mainly due to the unprecedented contraction in investment and manufacturing output. 

WHO raises global risk of virus to very high

The WHO has raised its global risk assessment of the new corona virus to its highest level. The risk has been increased to ‘very high’ because of continued increase in the cases and the number of countries affected in the recent days.

Farmers not to be hurt by govt move to cut crop cover premium: Bhutani

Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bi­ma Yojana (PMFBY) CEO Ashish Kumar Bhutani has said that the Centre’s move to reduce its subsidy share in the case of high premium crops un­der its flagship agricultural insurance scheme will not increase the cost to farmers.

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