Must Read News Articles I 29th January 2020

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Trump unveils West Asia plan, Palestinians protest

US President Donald Trump has unveiled his west Asia plan. He has proposed creation of an Independent Palestinian state with capital in eastern Jerusalem. The plan also proposed that USA will recognise Israeli sovereignty over West Bank settlements.

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African Cheetahs to prowl Indian forests

The Supreme Court has allowed the Centre to introduce the African cheetah to a suitable habitat in India on an experimental basis. Earlier, in 2012, the SC has stalled the plan to initiate the foreign cheetah in India. This plan is aimed at reviving the population of Indian Cheetah.

Government should make labour codes a reality by April, says ISF

Indian Staffing Federation has asked the central government to make labour codes a reality and get them operational from April this year. It said that India must make labour law simple to make them effective.

Restructuring or bureaucratic overkill?

Union Cabinet has given its approval to restructure the Railway Board. The editorial argues that while re-organising the railway board is an unexceptionable step, recasting the recruitment system is problematic.

Examining the slowdown

The article highlights that the argument that the Indian economy is facing a structural consumption slowdown is not borne by facts.

Takeaways from Bodo Accord

A tripartite agreement between the Centre, State and by various factions related to the Bodo issue, including all the factions of National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB) has been signed for permanent resolution of Bodo issue. The article highlights what have been agreed, how it is different from previous records, and why is it significant amid protests against CAA.

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