Must Read News Articles I 3rd December 2019

GS 2

When is oath taken by minister invalid?

The article explains the constitutional provisions related to oath taken by ministers and instances of deviation and role of Governor in it.

Government seeks review of SC/ST creamy layer

The SC last year in Jarnail Singh case applied creamy layer concept for SC/STs in the realm of promotion. Now the central government seeks review of this case by a larger bench.

Siberia pipeline cements China – Russia bond

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping oversee inauguration of the ‘Power of Siberia’ – a massive cross border undertaking not only central to China’s energy security but also for bolstering special ties between Beijing and Moscow

GS 3

Why, if growth is to revive, credit flows to industry must pick up fast

The article presents the grim situation of the Indian economy and stresses on the need to increase credit flows to the industries.

In telecom, time to send the right signals

The op-ed gives crisp information about the evolution of the telecom sector in India and how it got into trouble. It also provides some measures for strengthening the sector.

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