Must Read News Articles I 6th January 2020

GS – 1

Safeguarding the idea of India

The editorial argues that the nations current social and political predicament poses and existential challenge.

GS -2

Scoring a foreign policy self goal

The editorial highlights that the government political expediency over the Citizenship Act has landed India in an unenviable diplomatic spot today.

Spotting an opportunity in Changing fundamentals

The growing rivalry between the USA and China could spell a strategic moment for India.

GS -3

India faces a year of tough trade talks

After RCEP Walkout, the govt has said that it would renegotiate its existing FTA and redouble its effort to other trade negotiations

In Maharashtra, linking land records to PM Fasal Bima saves time, plugs leaks

It does away with the need for the village revenue officer’s signature. It also guards against crop insurance fraud.

Lifting growth, Containing Inflation

The editorial highlights that reform of the grain management system could free up resources for infrastructure investment.

Reading the new forest report

State of Forest Report 2019 has shown a 1,275 sq km gain in very dense forest, but what this statistic masks is the fact that the country continues to lose its best natural forests. The article highlights what was gained and lost.

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