Must Read News Articles I 9th January 2020

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In a first, submarines of China, Pakistan rehearse in Arabian Sea

Navies of China and Pakistan, holding nine-day exercises in the Arabian Sea to enhance their all-weather strategic partnership, have for the first-time deployed submarines, providing a rare major exposure to the Chinese navy in the region.

Reading between fault-lines

The article highlights that a new, fractured global order is upon us. India’s response must evolve accordingly.

What’s next in US – Iran conflict?

The article analyse that despite Trump Message of de-escalation, west Asia remains on the brink

A multilateral alternative, by Asia

The editorial says that the contours of the new order, with India and China as key players, should not be seen through a western prism.

The Indian Constitution’s unitary tilt

The centre – state conflict over Citizenship (Amendment) Act in some places may lead to a fresh debate on the federal questions.

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Why export push is critical to doubling farm incomes

The article argues that the existing institutional structure and approach towards agri – exports needs complete overhauling.

5PSUs gets in-principle approval from cabinet for strategic divestment

The Cabinet has given ‘in principle approval’ to strategic disinvestment of five small PSUs, –  Neelanchal Ispat Nigam, MMTC, MNDC, MECON and BHEL.

Voting at the GST council

The article explains the rules of voting in the GST council and can the Centre’s view be defeated by states.

Cabinet clears Ordinance to remove restrictions on coal block bidding

In a move to attract foreign investment into India’s coal and mining sector, the Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved an Ordinance that would make the process of auctioning coal mines easier. The government plans to promote foreign direct investment in the sector by removing restrictions and eligibility criteria for participation in coal block auctions.

Rising oil prices may hit budget math

Amid escalating US – Iran tensions, the prices of crude oil is expected to rise. Rising crude oil prices can impact the Current Account Deficit of India. It could impact corporate earning of several sectors, including auto and oil marketing companies.

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