Must Read News Articles – January 21, 2018

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International relations:

Poland wants sanction against Russia to go on (The Hindu)

Russia’s annexation of Crimea has violated international law and India should be cautious about Moscow’s intentions in South Asia, says Marek Magierowski, Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland.

  Pak raises Jadhav case at UN debate on Afgan terror funding(The Hindu)

Pakistan raked up the issue of Indian death-row prisoner Kulbhushan Jadhav in the UN Security Council after it was accused by India, the U.S. and Afghanistan of providing safe havens to terrorists.

  US violated our sovereignty: China (The Hindu)

Beijing on Saturday said it had dispatched a warship to drive away a U.S. missile destroyer which had “violated” its sovereignty by sailing close to a shoal in the disputed South China Sea.

 Myanmar making final plans for repatriation(The Hindu)

Myanmar is making final preparations to take back the first batch of Rohingya Muslims who fled conflict in the troubled Rakhine State, State media said on Saturday, despite growing doubts about the plan among refugees and in the UN.

Indian Constitution and Polity:

SC sets aside HC order on action against magistrate (The Hindu)

The Supreme Court has set aside an order of the Himachal Pradesh High Court which had recommended action against a magistrate who granted bail to an accused within four days of rejection of his pre-arrest bail by a higher court.

GS: 3


 Industry seeks clear AI policy (The Hindu)

Stating that Artificial Intelligence (AI) had the potential to help solve complex developmental challenges in India, including improving food and water security, the industry sought clearly defined policy priorities and access to ‘clean data’ for application of AI.

Science and Technology:

 What was the ‘Rainbow Dinosaur’? (The Hindu)

This month, in January, palaeontologists discovered a unique dinosaur fossil with feathers so well-preserved that they were able to see the microscopic colour-bearing structures of the feathers. By comparing the shapes of those feather structures with the ones in modern day bird feathers, they were able to infer that the new dino, Caihong juji, had iridescent rainbow feathers like a hummingbird.

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