Must Read News Articles – January 22, 2018

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International relation:

A great American arms bazaar(The Hindu Editorial)

Donald Trump’s attempt to rework the commercial-strategic equation spells an opportunity for India

Time for clarity(The Hindu Editorial)

The Centre must share details of what has been happening at Doklam

Indian Constitution and Polity:

Disqualification of AAP MLAs approved(The Hindu)

President Ram Nath Kovind on Sunday accepted the recommendation of the Election Commission to disqualify the 20 MLAs of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), the ruling party in the national capital, for holding offices of profit.

Capacity building for primary health care(The Hindu Editorial)

A pluralistic and integrated medical system remains a solution worth exploring

Profit and loss (The Hindu Editorial)

The Election Commission’s advice to the President that 20 legislators of the ruling Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi are liable for disqualification will inevitably invite legal and political scrutiny.

O.P. Rawat to head poll panel(The Hindu)

The Union Law Ministry on Sunday appointed seniormost Election Commissioner Om Prakash Rawat as the next Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) as the incumbent A.K. Joti will retire on Monday.

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A misleading story of job creation(The Hindu)

India does not create 55 lakh new jobs every year, as claimed by a new report

Flawed fiscal policy favours the affluent(The Hindu)

The Union Budget will be presented soon. The twin disruptions of demonetisation and GST have left the poor in India poorer and the rich, richer. This is no empty rhetoric of a roadside romantic. These are the findings of the World Inequality Report 2018 released recently.

‘Develop a U.S.-style online platform to sell bad loans’ (The Hindu)

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has called for putting in place an online trading platform on the lines of the system in the U.S., to sell distressed assets to ensure more transparency and better price-discovery.

Science and Technology:


New ‘tattoos’ lets your control objects remotely (The Hindu)

Scientists have developed ultrathin electronic skin tattoos that can help control virtual and physical objects with mere hand gestures. The extremely thin, almost invisible foil that sticks to the palm of the hand like a second skin, have sensors which provide people with a “sixth sense” for magnetic fields.


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