Must Read News Articles – January 24th, 2019

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Oral mentions in SC will soon be history

Oral mentioning is a convention by which lawyers short-circuit the long-winded filing procedures and make a direct appeal to the CJI, who is the court’s administrative head and master of roster, for early hearing.

India conducts ‘largest coastal security drill’

Ten years after the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack, India conducted its largest coastal defence drill, Exercise Sea Vigil, to test its preparedness along the entire 7,516.6 km-long-coastline and exclusive economic zone of the country.

An electoral intervention that has clicked

Improvements to the EVM are certainly possible, but a return to paper ballots is an untenable proposition

Moving away from 1%

India’s public spending on health continues to hover around 1% of GDP for many decades, accounting for less than 30% of total health expenditure.

The hard power imperative

Soft power processes such as the Wuhan summit and the waiver for India under CAATSA (Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act) are important but they are not substitutes for the hard power necessary to buttress nation-building.

Missile’s range does not violate INF treaty: Russia

Moscow on Wednesday insisted that the range of a missile system that has prompted Washington to say it will withdraw from a key Cold War arms treaty is allowed under the agreement.

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ISRO’s first mission of 2019 to put military satellite Microsat-R in space

ISRO has shied away from sharing details of the spacecraft or its uses as it does routinely each time during its missions; except to say the satellite would be placed within 15 minutes after take-off in a polar orbit 274 km away from Earth.

The gap within

India, as the world’s fastest-growing major economy, may well be catching up with the richer economies in terms of absolute size. But economic convergence within the country remains a distant dream as poorer States continue to lag behind the richer ones in economic growth.

A reckless experiment

The saga of the Chinese scientist who created the world’s first gene-edited babies last November has forced researchers everywhere to take a hard look at the ethics of gene-editing.

China’s compromise

A new draft Bill that seeks to address some of the West’s concerns will hopefully lead to greater trade flows

Cabinet gives nod to set up GST Appellate Tribunal

The Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved the creation of a National Bench of the Goods and Services Tax Appellate Tribunal (GSTAT), which would serve as the forum of second appeals to do with the applicability of GST, and will also be the first common forum of dispute resolution between the Centre and the States.

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