Must Read News Articles-July 12th 2019



A welcome debate on electoral reforms

A number of practical and constructive proposals on electoral reforms were raised by Opposition parties in Parliament

Centre redefines child porn, moots stiff penalties

The Union Cabinet has approved a new definition for child pornography in its amendments to the POCSO Act

U.S., India to begin formal talks on trade today

USA and India will discuss the issue of tariffs, regulatory changes by India on data localisation, e-commerce and imports

More Foreigners’ Tribunals in Assam

The Assam government will establish 200 Foreigners’ Tribunals (FTs) for handling cases of people to be excluded from the final National Register of Citizens (NRC). July 31 is the deadline for publishing the NRC.

Nagaland to frame RIIN norms after consultation

The Nagaland government has said guidelines for implementing a localised version of the National Register of Citizens — being updated in Assam — would be framed in consultation with civil society groups and traditional tribal bodies.

Re-admit Maldives into Commonwealth: India

India has urged the Commonwealth to expedite readmission of the Maldives as a member country


Jobless growth becomes more systemic

The findings of the latest employment survey, called the Periodic Labour Force Survey (2017-18), are a cause for concern as the scenario is still far from anything that would denote decent employment.

Can India make the transition to electric vehicles?

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced an additional income tax exemption of ₹1.5 lakh for purchasers of electric vehicles in Budget 2019-2020. She also said that the GST rate on electric vehicles would be lowered to 5%.

To help out start-ups, govt. to buy goods

The Centre has proposed to relax the General Financial Rules (GFR) to enable all government organisations to accept “untested innovative goods and services solutions from start-ups.”

Japan’s Hayabusa2 probe touches down on asteroid

Japan’s Hayabusa2 probe made a “perfect” touchdown on a distant asteroid, collecting samples from beneath the surface in an unprecedented mission that could shed light on the origins of the solar system

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