Must Read News Articles-July 15th 2019


Kartarpur Gurudwara: Pakistan agrees to allow year-long visa-free access

Pakistan has agreed to give year-long visa-free access for Indian pilgrims to the holy Gurdwara of Kartarpur Sahib.

Sexual offence cases not being probed in stipulated time: Report

Investigation into nearly half the sexual offences cases are not being completed within the stipulated 60-day period, according to an analysis of crime data of seven States accessed by The Hindu.

India’s foreign policy needs rework in the next five years

In the coming five years, a host of geopolitical and economic issues need to be reconciled.

Law Commission to be formed soon

With the country left without a Law Commission since September 2018, the Law Ministry has initiated the process of setting up the body which gives advice to the government on complex legal issues.


Speed restrictions and sound alerts mooted for protection of dolphins

Restricting the speeds of vessels and blowing sirens and horns is how the Ministry of Shipping plans to safeguard the population of the Ganges River Dolphin, in the country’s one dolphin reserve through which National Waterway-1 connecting Haldia to Varanasi passes.

Ecological perils of discounting the future

With growing environmental distress, policymakers cannot shy away from adopting best eco-management practices

Making a killing from skilling raw grads

Of the estimated one-and-a-half million graduates who pass out of India’s engineering schools every year, less than 1% land jobs in its top 100 companies. That’s because, a vast majority of them are unemployable and lacking in skills such as creative thinking, problem solving, etc.

Tribal SHG women create an organic agro revolution

Even as organic agriculture is gaining momentum in the country, a self-help group of tribal women in Wayanad district of Kerala is scripting a success story in production of 13 different varieties of bio agents to support organic farming.

India is home to 1,256 species of orchid, says first comprehensive survey

The Botanical Survey of India has come up with the first comprehensive census of orchids of India putting the total number of orchid species or taxa to 1,256

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