Must Read News Articles – July 16, 2018



Mains Test Series

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Transatlantic rift

The summit of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation leaders in Brussels was expected to be tense, given the widening rift in the Western alliance over the U.S.’s imposition of trade tariffs.

A welcome move

By endorsing steps that call for amendments to access services licences for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Telecom Operators, the Commission has made it clear that any violation of net neutrality will be treated as a violation of the licence conditions.

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Peak hour flights may get costlier with new AAI plan

The government is mulling over a proposal to impose a surcharge on airlines for operating flights during peak hours to enhance airport capacity and to avoid flight delays

Golden jackal faces threat in its habitat

Destruction of mangrove cover in the Bandar Reserve Forest is forcing the golden jackal (Canis aureus) out of its habitat, triggering a conflict with the local communities.

Flying into trouble: Harriers decline as grasslands disappear

Harrier birds, a migratory raptor species that regularly visits vast swathes of India, are declining. This may foretell lurking dangers to the country’s grasslands.

Be cautious in shifting to DBT, RBI tells States

In its report on State finances, released a few days ago, the Bank referred to problems such as inadequacy of transfers to maintain pre-DBT consumption levels, insufficiency of last-mile delivery mechanisms and a weak grievance redressal system.

A helping hand for Indian universities

The future of Indian universities (public and private) will significantly depend upon our ability to harness the possibility of individual, institutional and corporate philanthropy for the purposes of higher education.

Domestic tech security firms get priority in govt. purchases

The Centre has mandated giving preference in all public procurement to locally produced cybersecurity products where intellectual property rights are owned by companies or start-ups incorporated in India.

In knotty problems

The outcry and ban against plastic bags and single-use plastic packaging holds potential for the jute sector.

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