Must Read News Articles – July 18

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Urbanization, Government policies Jobs, facts and fiction: (Indian Express, Editorial)

India has more formal non-farm jobs than we think. Creating millions more needs labour, education reforms

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Science and Tech

GM mustard policy: SC gives govt. time: (The Hindu)

The government on Monday informed the Supreme Court that a policy decision on the commercial release of the Genetically Modified (GM) mustard crop is yet to be finalised.

Eco-bridges for the movement of tigers: (The Hindu)

In a first of its kind, Telangana State will have eco-friendly bridges over a canal cutting across the tiger corridor linking the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra with the forests in Telangana’s Kumram Bheem Asifabad district.

  • The intervention requires the laying of fertile soil to grow grass and plants over the structure, so that fragmentation of the reserve forest is camouflaged. Indian Economy.

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