Must Read News Articles-July 21st 2019


Why are parliamentary standing committees necessary?

In the backdrop of a number of Bills having been passed without scrutiny, why are parliamentary standing committees necessary?

China proposes united front with India and emerging economies to counter trade headwinds

China has flagged its interest in partnering India for building a united front of emerging economies and developing countries to counter trade headwinds.


Gravitational wave disturbances: how will India contribute to LIGO?

In a collaboration with LIGO, a gravitational wave detector is being set up in India. The LIGO India project is expected to join the international network in a first science run in 2025.

What are the advantages that blockchain offers?

Blockchain is a foundational technology or a platform that allows designing a secure way to record transactions and circulate it among signatories, or any kind of target group with an Internet connection.

Yes we can, indeed we must, restore forests

The author discusses why we should conserve and restore forests and highlights Philippines as a best practice.

NCBS: How micro RNAs regulate the colour of fruits, leaves

A team from the National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS), Bengaluru, has found that the rich colour in fruits and leaves of plants are indirectly controlled by specific micro RNAs — miR828 and miR858.

Ebola vaccine tested during epidemic saves lives in Congo

Preliminary data from vaccination in Congo suggest the vaccine has 97.5% efficacy in preventing Ebola

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