Mains Test Series

GS 2

SC pulls up Centre for its delay in appointing a Lokpal

The court was reacting to an affidavit filed by the government, the stated aim of it being to specify the exact time frame by which it would appoint a Lokpal. Instead, the government, represented by Attorney General K.K. Venugopal, said it was a “complicated” process.

Proving the hardliners in Tehran right

The cornerstone of Donald Trump’s West Asia policy is Israel’s security. The containment of Iran is the subplot

Lok Sabha passes anti-graft amendment Bill

It provides for jail terms to those convicted of taking or giving bribes to public officials

GS 3

India needs smart urbanisation

Cities require a renewal that factors in rural-urban migration

Cosmetic repair

It will now be easier for banks to sell stressed assets, but other tricky issues remain

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