Must Read News Articles-July 25th 2019



Having the last word on ‘population control’

There should be a clear understanding that offering choices and services rather than outright state control works best for population control.


Opposition wants select panel scrutiny of key bills

Opposition parties in the Rajya Sabha told the government that they wanted seven key legislation to be sent to a Select Committee of Parliament for further scrutiny.

Centre notifies pension scheme for small traders

The Centre’s pension scheme for small traders has been notified and is being introduced on a trial basis

UAPA bill cleared amid walkout

Unlawful Activities Prevention (Amendment) Bill,2019 has been passed in the Lok Sabha.

‘CIC orders wont be taken seriously’

Former CIC members have urged RTI (Amendment) Bill’s withdrawal.

China says it wants security and stability along India border

China’s military has signalled that ties with India were improving, but warned the U.S. that it should not test Beijing’s one-China policy over Taiwan.

Undermining RTI

Amendments to the RTI Act should not downgrade the status of information panels

India’s shifting strategic concerns

What India needs to do as the U.S. and China get busier in the subcontinent

Draft New Education Policy offers contentious remedies for a structural malady in medical studies

The primary objective of medical education should be to provide a cadre of personnel to take care of the health needs of the country.


India rises in global innovation Ranking

India has jumped five places to rank 52 in the Global Innovation Index 2019, up from the 57 it had in last year’s rankings.

Milky Way’s violent birth decoded

Milky Way was shaped as a result of collision with another smaller galaxy 10 bn years ago

Making Chennai a water-wise city

There is a compelling need for a paradigm shift in the way the ongoing water crisis is being viewed

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