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Violence in Manipur over ‘outsiders’ Bill

The Manipur People’s Protection Bill, 2018, seeks to regulate the entry and exit of “outsiders” on the lines of the British-era inner-line permit system prevalent in three other north-eastern states — Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram and Nagaland.

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These beautiful strangers now thrive in India

As many as 471 plant species that are alien or exotic — not native to India — are ‘naturalised,’ for they can thrive in the country’s wildernesses by forming stable populations, says a recent report.

Nearly half of head and neck cancer patients die within a year of diagnosis: doc

Over 1.7 lakh new cases are reported every year of which 76% are males; many patients come for treatment only after cancer has reached advanced stage

India has potential to be the global leader in tiger conservation: expert

The results of the ongoing All India Tiger Assessment, 2018, are expected by the end of the year. As per the assessment of the Status of Tigers, Co-predators and Prey (2014), the number of tigers in the country is estimated at 2,226 as compared to the 2010 estimate of 1,706

Arsenic contamination in paddy is rising in Bengal, says study

A recent publication by researchers at the School of Environmental Studies (SOES), Jadavpur University, reveals not only rise in arsenic contamination of paddy plants from ground water in West Bengal, but also that concentration of ‘arsenic accumulation’ depends on the variety of paddy and its stage in the crop cycle.

‘Made in India’ tank engines handed over to the Army

Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Saturday, handed over two fully indigenous battle tank engines, V-46-6 and V92S2, that power the T-72 Ajeya tank and the T-90 Bhishma tank, produced by the Engine Factory Avadi (EFA), a unit of Ordnance Factory Board, to the Vice Chief of Army Staff.

Companies pick holes in data protection Bill

The recommendations make every offence cognizable and non-bailable which just creates more hurdles for businesses and individuals.

The lowdown on GST rate cuts

The rate reductions are in keeping with the Council’s ongoing efforts to rationalise the tax rates and keep as few items in the 28% bracket as possible. The simplification of the return filing procedures is also the next in a series of steps taken by the Council such as widening the eligibility criterion of the Composition Scheme, putting on hold the more complicated aspects of filing GST returns, and simplifying the forms in a staged manner.

is the science behind formaldehyde so confusing?

The use of this chemical is banned in fresh foods, like fish, by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. But unscrupulous vendors sometimes use it to preserve fish for longer.

Government-mukt governance

Why we need to do better on e-governance

How safe is CRISPR?

There is growing fear that the promising gene-editing system is being prematurely rushed for clinical use

A chink in TB’s armour?

A TB protein is being seen as a potential biologically-derived drug target


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