Must Read News Articles-July 29th 2019



Govt. must convince industry of RCEP’s benefits: Australia

Australian High Commissioner to India Harinder Sidhu bats for RCEP after India Inc. raised concerns.

Naga register will shield State from outsiders, says Nagaland Deputy Chief Minister

Nagaland’s Deputy Chief Minister Yanthungo Patton has defended the government’s decision to compile a register of indigenous Naga inhabitants, arguing that it will help to safeguard the State from outsiders.

It’s time for India and Pakistan to walk the talk

Given the various breaches, the Simla Agreement could do with a makeover

Respecting reproductive choice

It is unfortunate that the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2019, approved by the Cabinet, bans and criminalises commercial surrogacy and only allows altruistic surrogacy.


Army’s first Integrated Battle Groups to be structured by end of next month

The new concept of Integrated Battle Groups (IBGs) which the Army plans to create as part of overall force transformation is close to implementation

Cybercrime officials suspect Agent Smith targets Indians

Indian cybercrime officials, tracking the recently detected Agent Smith malware, believe it is targeted at Indians

Centre to launch Deep Ocean Mission in October

A five-year, ₹8,000-crore plan to explore the deepest recesses of the ocean has finally got the green signal from the government.

Ban or regulate? — On India’s policy on cryptocurrencies

There are issues with cryptocurrencies, but a ban might not be the best answer

Governing India through fiscal math

A focus on fiscal deficit reduction alone is not sound economic management. The revenue deficit must be in the picture.

History and the 5G dilemma

As India looks to developing 5G technology, its quest in the 1980s for an American supercomputer offers lessons

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