Must Read News Articles – July 30, 2018

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Layers of protection: on changes in anti-corruption law

Protecting honest public servants is important; so are anti-corruption efforts

Climb the escalator of reason

The judgment endorses the belief that “it is the fear of law that prevents crimes”. However, effective policing of mob violence may not be the only cause for failure.

God cannot be privatised

Examining the implications of the observation in the Sabarimala case that a temple is not a private space

Keeping friends close

Empty American threats should not come in the way of India-Iran ties

GS 3

Govt. plans ‘ISRO-like’ ocean mission

Looking to emulate the success of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) in designing and launching satellites, the Centre has drawn up a five-year, ₹8,000 crore plan to explore the deep recesses of the ocean.

Govt to roll out DigiYatra offering for air passengers soon

The facility will use digital technology to enhance air passenger experience all the way from ticket booking to airport entry check, security check and aircraft boarding.

Now to compete: on Vodafone, idea merger

The ground has shifted since they agreed to merge, and Vodafone Idea has its task cut out

Under the grey skies

Exploring nimbus clouds and the Great Indian Ocean

India plans to procure missile shield from U.S.

India is in talks with the U.S. to procure an advanced air defence system to defend the National Capital Region (NCR) from aerial attacks.

Army’s Smerch systems to roll on Indian wheels

For the first time, an Indian vehicle manufacturer will deliver heavy duty, high mobility vehicles for the Army’s Russian-built Smerch Multi-Barrel Rocket launchers (MBRL) as well to carry strategic missiles developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

FASTags aim to quicken pace of journey through toll booths

Less than two years after the government introduced the radio frequency identification device (RFID)-based FASTag system for vehicles crossing toll gates on the country’s highway network, 26 lakh cars and trucks now use the windscreen-mounted tags to shorten their journey time.

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