Must Read News Articles-July 5th 2019



‘Greying India must delay retirement’

India may have to raise the retirement age as the country sees a rapid increase in the size of the elderly population over the next two decades due to the slowing down of the population growth rate, according to the Economic Survey


Private funds needed for Swachh Bharat

With the Centre claiming that 99.2% of rural India is now open defecation free, the next big goal on the Swachh Bharat journey is the 100% safe and scientific disposal of solid and liquid waste, according to the Economic Survey 2018-19.

Economic Survey moots central welfare database of citizens

The Economic Survey 2018-19, pitched for setting up a central welfare database of citizens — by merging different data maintained by separate Ministries and departments

Talking sanctions, endangering peace

The Trump administration’s successive punitive actions against Iran can only be interpreted as a desire for direct conflict


Economic Survey lays out blueprint for $5 trillion economy

The Economic Survey 2019 presented by Chief Economic Adviser (CEA) Krishnamurthy Subramanian focusses on moving to a “virtuous cycle” of savings, investments and exports to transform India into a $5 trillion economy in the next five years.

Polavaram deadline pushed back to 2022

The Polavaram multi-purpose project, which is considered as the lifeline of Andhra Pradesh, is likely to be completed only by 2022.

Needed: a well-designed minimum wage system

A well-designed and streamlined minimum wage system is required to reduce wage inequality in the country, the Economic Survey says.

Zero train collisions, 46 derailments

While the incidents of train collisions came down to zero and those of derailments declined to 46 during last year, occurrence of fire in trains went up to six, according to data provided in the Economic Survey 2018-19.

FDI needed to spur the virtuous cycle in India’

Foreign investment in India is needed to spur the domestic private investment cycle, says Chief Economic Adviser (CEA) Krishnamurthy Subramanian

Shift focus to water productivity’

The Economic Survey 2018-19 has said as far as agriculture is concerned, the country should shift its focus from land productivity to irrigation water productivity and on devising policies to incentivise farmers to adopt efficient ways of water use.

Arctic mission to ‘trap’ researchers in ice to study climate

Scientists from 17 nations will take part in the year-long mission as they anchor the ship to a large piece of Arctic sea ice to study climate change.

Can the government help create jobs?

Data released by the Labour Ministry show that the unemployment rate in 2017-18 was 6.1%, arguably the highest in 45 years. Expansion of public employment and a national skilling programme could boost employment

Expanding India’s share in global space economy

ISRO should embrace a civilian identity and, aided by legislation, form partnerships with the industry and entrepreneurs

Blue-sky visions: on Economic Survey 2018-19

The ambitions of the Economic Survey depend on the implementation of its ideas

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