Must Read News Articles – July 6, 2018


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Allow gambling in sports but regulate it, says law panel

The Law Commission of India on Thursday submitted a report to the government, saying that since it is impossible to stop illegal gambling, the only viable option left is to “regulate” gambling in sports.

‘Condition not ripe for legalising betting’

In a scathing dissent, Law Commission of India member S. Sivakumar slammed the recommendation made by the majority led by former Supreme Court judge, Justice B.S. Chauhan, to “legalise” gambling in sports.

Check lynchings, MHA tells States

The Home Ministry on Thursday asked the States and Union Territories (UTs) to check incidents of mob lynching fuelled by rumours of child-lifting on social media.

SC tells NHRC to look into Manipur deaths

The alleged extra-judicial killings and fake encounters by the Army, Assam Rifles and the police in Manipur “cannot be tolerated”, and is not just about “violation of human rights” but “widespread” deaths in the State, the Supreme Court told the National Human Rights Commission on Thursday.

SC seeks plan to eradicate leprosy

The Supreme Court on Thursday directed the Centre to file a comprehensive action plan to ensure eradication of leprosy, saying the ‘curable’ disease cannot be allowed to affect people.

Why we need Governors

Gandhi’s advice was consistent with Walter Bagehot’s dictum about the Crown having ‘the right to be consulted, the right to encourage, the right to warn’ but not to be the engine of government.

Is India’s foreign policy adrift?

India has lost its eminent position in South Asia due to reckless adventurism in the neighbourhood

Passing the buck

Political messaging and administrative alerts are key to stopping the string of lynchings

Allies, interrupted

India and the U.S. must urgently take stepsto arrest the drift in bilateral ties

Fraying democracy

Five years ago, amid a low turnout and accusations of electoral irregularities, the CPP held on to power with a 4% vote share lead over its rival, the Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP). Political stalemate, violence, international condemnation and a year-long, oft-violent protest followed.

Evolving safety protocols for dams

The Dam Safety Bill of 2018 addresses the concerns raised about the safety of over 5,200 large dams in India and about 450 which are under construction. A lack of legal and institutional architecture for dam safety raises fears about unsafe dams, and the possibility of consequent disasters and loss of life and property.

India, U.S. set to mend trade ties

The ongoing negotiations between India and the U.S. on multiple trade tussles are progressing smoothly and a deal could be announced when an Indian delegation visits America in mid-July.

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This aborted mission is a success

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) inched a small step closer to its ambition of sending Indians to space by conducting the first ‘pad abort’ test on Thursday.

India to bring back copters

India is preparing to bring back the two helicopters it had gifted to the Maldives, in a sign that it is hoping to use dialogue as the way forward in resolving issues with Male after months of strain in ties, caused by a squeeze on work permits to Indians and unhappiness over the Maldivian election process.

Give legal backing to MSP, says panel

The government panel, which recommended minimum support prices for kharif crops that were approved by the Cabinet on Wednesday, has also recommended that the Centre bring out a legislation which would give that announcement some legal teeth by giving farmers the right to sell their produce at those prices.

Cryptocurrency trade braces for RBI ban

The RBI’s directive and the Supreme Court’s judgment have elicited mixed reactions from industry players and analysts, with some saying this would be a big blow to the industry, while others see some hope in the form of a consolidated cryptocurrency policy.












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