Must Read News Articles – July 7


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Social issues

Crime and context: (Indian Express, Editorial)

Lynchings draw upon the master narrative of cow protection promoted by the current political elites.

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India and neighbors

Modi, Xi will not hold talks at G-20 summit: (The Hindu)

With India and China asserting on Thursday that no bilateral meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Xi Jinping had been scheduled on the sidelines of the G-20 meeting in Germany, there was no immediate prospect of an end to the boundary standoff.

Defence experts call for a political solution: (The Hindu)

The two sides have levelled allegations and counter-allegations at the political level. So any meaningful dialogue will have to commence at the political level.

Executive and the Judiciary

Jobs secured on fake caste certificates invalid, says SC: (The Hindu)

Persons who secured government employment and got academic admissions under reserved categories with the help of forged caste certificates can have their jobs and admission declared invalid, the Supreme Court held on Thursday.

SC questions EC reluctance to use VVPAT: (The Hindu)

The Supreme Court on Thursday questioned the Election Commission on its reluctance to use voter verifiable paper audit trail (VVPAT) units with electronic voting machines for the Gujarat Assembly polls in 2017.

Centre doing ‘all it can’ to help farmers: (The Hindu)

Tells Supreme Court that NITI Ayog will suggest a strategy to address concerns over farmer suicides.

International groupings and agreements

Before The PM’s Visit: (Indian Express, Editorial)

Much was gained by India and Israel, even before the two forged full diplomatic ties

Mr. Modi in Israel: (The Hindu, Editorial)

He affirms special ties, underplays historical stress India has given to the Palestine issue.

Thinking multilateral: (The Hindu, Editorial)

India has sent conflicting signals through its approach to recent events.

Effects of developed and developing countries policies

Postscript to the proxy war: (The Hindu, Editorial)

Tensions threaten to spiral between the U.S. and Iran ahead of the coming battle for southern Syria.

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Cropping pattern, Agriculture, e-technology

Should we grow GM crops?: (The Hindu, Editorial)

We’ve moved from dismal regulation of Bt cotton to outright delinquency in bid to commercialise HT mustard.

Indian Economy. Planning, Growth and Employment

The real lessons of the July 1997 Asian crisis: (Live Mint, Editorial)

It taught us that economic dislocations can emanate from the private sector rather than the government budget.

‘GST ain’t easy, but appeals to investors’: (The Hindu)

India’s new Goods and Services Tax system is not simple as it involves filling up of complex forms and businesses still have some concerns about its operational nuances — but it still makes the country a more attractive place for foreign investors to do business.

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