Must Read News Articles – June 15, 2018

newspaper must read


Mains Test Series


GS 2

The changing nature of violence

Police Reform, changing nature of violence

Islands apart


Suspense continues: on TN MLAs’ disqualification case

TN MLAs’ disqualification case

New Asian constellation

SCO summit, India-central Asia

GS 3

India calls UN report on Kashmir fallacious

Human right, zero tolerance on terrorism

India is facing its worst water crisis: NITI Aayog

Water crisis

Decongesting our cities

Public transport

For stronger employee representation

Major Port Authorities Bill

Cess collected for construction workers’ welfare abysmally low

The National Campaign Committee for Central Legislation on Construction Labour (NCC-CL)

Couples in live-in relations cannot adopt, says CARA

The Central Adoption Resource Authority

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