Must Read News Articles – June 21


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Indian Economy. Planning, Growth and Employment

Enough time given, GST from July 1:

Almost all States have cleared the State GST laws, except Kerala and J & K.

The pre-GST grand sale: (The Hindu, Editorial)

Why companies are scrambling to clear old stock ahead of GST implementation.

‘Resolution process to increase capital requirement for banks’:

With bankruptcy law, it is time we take the process to a logical conclusion.

India’s money illusion problem: (Live Mint, Editorial)

The recent drop in India’s inflation provides an excellent opportunity to think more clearly on the old problem of nominal versus real variables in an economy.

Cropping pattern, Agriculture, e-technology

Bringing GM to the table: (The Hindu, Editorial)

Promoters of GM food need to reach out to consumers in a transparent, engaging manner.

Prelims Related News

First indigenously built floating dock launched:

The floating dock is 185 metres long and 40 metres wide and will enable docking of all kinds of vessels, including Naval ships and submarines (excepting aircraft carriers and tankers) of up to 8,000 tonnes displacement, with draughts of up to seven metres, during both day and night.

Cholesterol-cutting vaccine shows promise:

A cholesterol-lowering vaccine has shown promise in mice, said researchers who announced they had started early-phase trials to see if it also works in humans.


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