Must Read News Articles – June 27, 2018

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Mains Test Series

GS 2

NGOs on ED watchlist for funding Naxals

The ED is preparing a list of such NGOs to examine their financial dealings, as they are already on the radar of security and police agencies.

Chronicle of a victory foretold

Turkish republicanism is posing an incoherent challenge to Erdoğan’s mix of nationalism and Sunni internationalism.

Russia-related sanctions to dominate 2+2 talks

India and U.S. hold their first 2+2 Dialogue involving the External Affairs and Defence Ministers and their counterparts, one of the key issues would be questions regarding the recent Russia-related sanctions

‘China proposed 2+1 format for India talks’

An official source told The Hindu that the Chinese side proposed to Mr. Oli a “two plus one” format for dialogue. “This is different from a trilateral mechanism. Under the Chinese proposal, China and India can jointly conduct a dialogue with a third regional country,” the source said.

GS 3

Elephantine threat: Assam considering sedation, relocation of aggressive animals

Assam wildlife officials are keen on replicating their Uttarakhand counterparts’ jumbo-relocation experiment for reducing man-elephant conflicts in western Assam.

Transplanting best practices

Organ transplantation in India (this includes Tamil Nadu) largely became a private sector activity. Hence while the act of donation is a public act and the organs a public good, from that point onwards whatever happens is largely under the private sector. Public hospitals must be brought into the loop for deceased donor programmes

Tainted by uranium

Reports of widespread uranium contamination in groundwater across India demand an urgent response. The groundwater contamination across India must be probed, and safe sources identified

Saving Delhi’s trees

Over the last few days, Delhi residents have been protesting against the government’s approval for felling over 14,000 trees in south Delhi.

Pakistan’s arid land transforms into green gold

Around the region of Heroshah, previously arid hills are now covered with forest as far as the horizon. In northwestern Pakistan, hundreds of millions of trees have been planted to fight deforestation

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