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Social issues

A school without textbooks: (Indian Express, Editorial)

We need to nurture skills, encourage children to engage with environment.

 GS 2

Government policies

The task before the sentinel: (The Hindu, Editorial)

It is time the Chief Justice of India set up the larger Bench to examine privacy challenges to Aadhaar.

Parliament and State Legislatures

Making the House rules: (The Hindu, Editorial)

Parliament must codify the legislature’s privileges to prevent misuse of power.

India and neighbors

Army, PLA in a tug of war over Doklam Plateau:

The Doklam Plateau, north of the tri-junction between Sikkim, Bhutan and Tibet by Indian claim, is not just a disputed area, but has huge strategic significance for both India and China.

Redraw the triangle: (Indian Express, Editorial)

New Delhi had tilted too far towards the US, been too aggressive with China.

MEA accepts U.S. use of ‘administered Kashmir’:

The External Affairs Ministry, in an apparent volte face, accepted that the U.S.’s usage of the term “Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir” was acceptable and “affirms” India’s position.

International groupings and agreements

Modi’s visit to upgrade relationship with Israel:

Israel clears Strategic Partnership deal on non-security issues.

Grading Asia’s reform hype: (Live Mint, Editorial)

Here’s a report card—worst to best—on Asia’s four big reform projects.

GS 3

Indian Economy. Planning, Growth and Employment

A welcome sale:

With the Union Cabinet’s ‘in-principle’ approval for the sale of Air India and five of its subsidiaries, a long-standing demand on the reform checklist has been ticked.

GST transition to pose hurdles:

It could pose challenges on account of several factors — especially the multiplicity of tax rates.

‘Reforms, CEZs to aid growth’:

Labour, land and agriculture reforms along with development of coastal economic zones (CEZs) and new cities will help India achieve rapid economic growth.

Pollution and conservation

Climate change: green at the grass roots: (Live Mint, Editorial)

The risks from climate change are serious enough to require grass-roots action, rather than waiting for a grand international agreement.

Prelims Related News

Heaviest satellite of ISRO launched:

The 3,477-kg spacecraft, the heaviest built by the Indian Space Research Organisation, will soon join the ring of 17 working national communication satellites that are already in orbit.

India gets a sharper eye in the sky:

Recently launched Cartosat-2E sends pictures from 500 km above the earth.

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